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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

For this 6-session series, David has selected essays that promise a highly rewarding reading experience as well as a great opportunity for challenging discussion.

 Most of the essays can be found in “Brief Encounters, edited by Judith Kitchen and Dinah Lenney. For the ones not included there are links below.


Week One-Oct 5

Jim Krusoe, “Traffic”

Hilton Als, “Fats.”

Marion Winik, “Sixteen Pictures of My Father”: 


Leslie Jamison, “La Plata Perdida.”


Week Two- Oct 12

Jo Ann Beard, “The Fourth State of Matter”:


Megan Stielstra, “Here is My Heart.”


Week Three-Oct 19

Brenda Miller, “How to Meditate.” 

Dinah Lenney, “Future Imperfect.” 

Sven Birkerts, “One Long Sentence.” 

Chris Daley, “Thoughts on Time After Viewing Christian Marclay’s ‘The Clock.’” 


Week Four- Oct 26

John Hersey, Hiroshima



Week Five-Nov 2

Anika Fajardo, “What Didn’t Happen.”

Phillip Lopate, “Max and Minna”

Nicholas Montemarano, “No Results Found”


Week Six- Nov 9

Lynne Sharon Schwartz, “The Renaissance”

Liz Stephens, “American Animal”

Emily Rapp, “Los Angelitos”



We hope you can join us!  As always, David's literary series sells out quickly. 

If you wish to attend, please enroll below. 


DATES: 6 THURSDAY MORNINGS Oct 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov 2, 9

WHERE: Pasadena Address Forwarded Upon Enrollment

TICKETS: $360/Series   $65/Session



Individual session


Award season is upon us!  George Saunders just won the Man Booker prize for "Lincoln in the Bardo" (which we read in David Ulin's literary series last year).  Viet Ngyuen just won a "MacArthur Genius Award" after writing his celebrated novel about Vietnam, "The Sympathizer" (which we read with David this past summer).
Now, we turn our attention to this year's winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. We hope you can join David Ulin for this close reading of of Ishiguro's masterpiece, "The Remains of the Day."  This unforgettable novel, about a butler (made immortal by Anthony Hopkins in the film of the same name) serving an English lord in the years leading up to World War II, explores themes of mortality, the fallibility of memory and the porous nature of time.  Although it is not his only great novel, it certainly embodies the genius lauded by the Nobel Committee.  If you haven't read this literary gem, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience Ishiguro's literary virtuosity.  If you are coming to this novel for a second read, David's insightful commentary on literature will surely deepen your appreciation of what makes a Nobel laureate.  





Enrollment is limited!  If you plan to attend, please enroll below. Series:  $180.  Individual sessions:  $65.








WHERE: Pasadena Address Forwarded Upon Enrollment

TICKETS: Series $180  Individual session $65


Individual Session


Join contemporary artist and art muse Regina Mamou on a gallery hop across the Arts District, featuring some of the city's most vibrant art venues. We'll begin at Royale Projects, where we'll explore the work of Rubén Ortiz Torres in White Washed America, a Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA exhibit. We'll continue our tour at Jason Vass to view UK artist Philip Mount's latest solo exhibit, RAW Essence. At Ibid Gallery, we'll investigate Maria Taniguchi's monolithic "Brick Paintings," in addition to the conceptual works of Rodrigo Matheus and Alejandro Almanza Pereda. Finally, we'll conclude our DTLA hop with a visit to VENUS LA, one of Los Angele's premiere experimental art spaces. 

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is a region-wide art initiative with major support provided through grants from the Getty Foundation. From September 2017 through January 2018, over 70 cultural institutions across Southern California will examine Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles. 



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WHERE: Galleries in the Arts District





It is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  MOCA's warehouse space, the Geffen Contemporary, will be transformed by Adrian Villar Rojas, a contemporary artist from Argentina who is famous for creating environments and objects that seem to be in search of their place in time.  
The process of his art making is thoroughly amazing.  The projects are site-specific, requiring a cadre of collaborators who work on site for extended periods of time to fabricate the installation.  The environments are poetry in space, asking visitors to ponder how they move through space, their relationship to scale, and the potential of lighting.  
For the project at MOCA, Villar Rojas will radically transform the space, exploring technologies used in Hollywood special effects, as well as many materials -- familiar in other contexts, including petrified wood from Turin, columns from Sharjah and silicone molds from Turkey -- but given a new life at MOCA.  
To make sense of all this wonder, we have the art expertise of Carter Mull, who has introduced us to so much contemporary art through his thought provoking tours.  Villar Rojas' world, presented in the caverous space of the Geffen, is a must for everyone to experience.  We hope you can take advantage of this special tour with Carter to see it through an artist eyes.



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Join Clare for a fascinating morning on the cam;pus of the Claremont Colleges.  We will begin our morning at the Williamson Gallery at Scripps College, where we will take a tour of a marvelous photography show that focuses on three generations of Mexican female photographers, their careers spanning 100 years.  Sara Castrejon was one of the few female photographers who documented the Mexican Revolution.  Graciela Iturbide is best known for her photos of the daily lives of Mexico's indigenous cultures, while Tatiana Parcero, a contemporary artist, splices images of her body with cosmological maps and Aztec codies.  By bringing their work into conversation, we will get a rare opportunity to see how photography has been transformed over the past century in Mexico.  We will then turn our attention to the historic mural of Orozco at Pomona College.  Painted in 1930, Prometheus was the first mural painted by the "big three Mexican muralists" in the United States.  For PST:LA/LA, the mural will be positioned within the context of contemporary artistic practice in Mexico, providing us with the rare opportunity to see a masterpiece of the 20th century through contemporary eyes.  

devoted to the best of PST:LA/LA.  


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WHERE: Claremont Colleges





Join artist Carter Mull (who brought the Marciano museum to life for us) for the show that has critics raving from coast to coast. 


Maria Maiolino is at last receiving her first retrospective in the United States and it's a show that merits an in-depth visit.  The NY Times describes the show as requiring "urgent viewing" for all art lovers. Maiolino was born in Southern Italy, whose family attempted to escape the hardships of postwar Europe by relocating to South America - first Venezuela and then Brazil.  As a young artist, Maiolino used photography, collage, and video to express her anxieties under the repressive military regime.  Later in a democratic Brazil, she made equally powerful and poignant drawings and works in clay and plaster which explore themes of hunger, nourishment, and the burdens of immigration, loss and yearning.  The work is expressive and poignant and, with Carter as our guide, will surely resonate long after your visit to the museum.  As with Marciano's collection, Carter will bring his breadth of art historical knowledge and understanding of contemporary art to Maiolino's remarkable oeuvre, making it accessible to even the novice art viewer.  



Enrollment is limited, if you wish to attend please enroll below.