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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Great news!  After a four-month residency at the University of Nevada, David is back with a new spring series of the best of American short fiction.



David has selected an anthology edited by fiction writer Ben Marcus, entitled "New American Stories."  The collection, which the Guardian described as a "landmark anthology" features a diverse group of important writers, some of whom we have already sampled and other emerging voices that will be new to all of us.  George Saunders, Lydia Davis, Deborah Eisenberg, Dennis Johnson among others, which Marcus has collected into a coherent aesthetic statement about America that "amounts to more than the sum of its parts."  
The dates for the series are:
May 25
June 8
June 15
June 22
June 29




Enrollment is limited!  If you plan to attend, please enroll online or RSVP via email and send a check to Inside the Story, 508 S. Santa Anita Ave., Pasadena CA 91107. Series:  $360.  Individual sessions:  $65.







DATES: 6 THURSDAY MORNINGS May 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

WHERE: Pasadena Address Forwarded Upon Enrollment

TICKETS: Series $360  Individual session $65


Individual Session



It's only February and the book of 2017 has arrived!  Exalted by critics, "Lincoln in the Bardo" by MacArthur Genius Award winner George Saunders, is sure to captivate and enrich all of us who love great literature.  As David Ulin put it in his recent glowing review of the novel, "Lincoln in the Bardo is remarkable; let's get that out of the way first."  
The structure of this remarkable novel is a kind of oral history - a collage built from a series of testimonies, some delivered from the novel's characters and some drawn from historical sources. The narrator becomes a curator of sorts, who arranges this kaleidoscope of voices into a stirring and emotional linear story. Unfolding over one night in a graveyard in Washington D.C., the novel (George Saunders' first) tells a story about a father's grief over the loss of his son and its effect on the country that he serves.  Lincoln is, of course, our former President whose son Willie died of typhus at the age of 11 in 1862.  




The novel's deep emotional resonance, historical context and innovative structure deserve a close and nuanced reading.  We hope you can join us on this special adventure.













DATES: 2 THURSDAY MORNINGS April 13, 20 at 10:00

WHERE: Pasadena Address Forwarded Upon Enrollment



A must for those of us with an interest in contemporary art history. LACMA's special summer exhibition "Los Angeles to New York: Dwan Gallery, 1959-1971" presents the fascinating story of the Dwan Gallery, one of the most important galleries of the postwar period in the United States and the dealer and patron Virginia Dwan.  Established by Dwan in Westwood in 1959, the Dwan Gallery was the leading avant garde art space in the 1960's, presenting exhibitions by Franz Kline, Robert Rauschenberg, Ed Kienholz, Yves, Klein, Claus Oldenburg, among others.  In 1965, Dwan opened a second space in New York City. Dwan New York became the first platform for Minimal Art, Land Art and Conceptual Art.  Virginia Dwan was a leading patron of earthworks and sponsored major projects including Michael Heizer's Double Negative and Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty.  


The exhibition includes paintings, sculpture, drawings and film by a wide variety of artists, giving us a rare opportunity to appreciate the contributions of one of America's leading art patrons as well as her important contribution to modern and contemporary art. 

A former research assistant in the American Art department at LACMA, Susan Power has considerable knowledge and expertise in the art exhibited and loved by Virginia Dwan.  It will be a rewarding trip back into the heady world of art of the 60's.  


We hope you can join us!


Enrollment is limited, if you wish to attend please enroll below or send RVSP via email and send a check for $50 to Inside the Story, 508 S. Santa Anita Ave., Pasadena CA 91107.

















Los Angeles is alive with art that speaks to our times.  One powerful example is the remarkable exhibition "Non-Fiction" at the Underground Museum.  The stated goal of "Non-Fiction" is to grapple with absurd realities of violence and racism through art.  "How we navigate violence says a great deal about what we might be able to do to prevent it."  
The exhibition was conceived by the late artist Noah Davis and his wife artist Karen Davis, who founded the Underground Museum in 2012 with the goal of displaying museum-quality work in this Arlington Heights storefront.  Initially, no institution would lend to them given the museum's low budget, lack of security and big front windows. Eventually, the Underground Museum was discovered by MOCA curator Helen Molesworth, who laid the groundwork for the current show, for which MOCA lent several works.  
And what an exhibition it is!  Art critic Christopher Knight describes the exhibition as a "elegiac tone poem spoken in visual shades of black." The show is that rare combination of art that seduces the eye with its beauty and also speaks loudly to the heart and mind of the viewer.  
The eight artists in the show include Kara Walker, who is represented by a five-part etching of antebellum depravity played out in silhouette figures, Kerry James Marshall, Robert Gober, Henry Taylor, and David Hammons, considered to be one of America's greatest living artists. His spectacular sculpture, "In the Hood (Gray)," will remain with you for a long time after leaving the museum.  
The exhibition has been lauded by critics everywhere.  Don't miss the opportunity to see this fantastic show before it closes next month.  


Enrollment is limited!  If you wish to attend, please enroll below or RSVP via email and send a check for $50 to Inside the Story, 508 S. Santa Anita Ave., Pasadena CA 91107.










WHERE:  Undergroud Museum-MOCA