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David will be discussing three memoirs all of which focus on the ever-fascinating theme of parents and children.  In each of these three books, the writer artfully asks the questions we all ask ourselves:  who were my parents, why did they make the choices they did and how did their decisions make us who were are.  




David will begin the series with Richard Ford's luminous memoir "Between Them - Remembering My Parents" which was released several months ago to wide critical acclaim.  The book is composed of two discrete novella-length memoirs that were written more than 30 years apart.  Ford wrote the first about his father recently; the memoir about his mother was written shortly after her death in 1981.  Naturally, the book is about them but it's also about the boy they conceived and what he thinks of them some 70 years later.  As always, Ford's writing is magnificent and the book will make a great starting point for this exploration of this series on the art of the memoir.  




The second book is "The Afterlife,"  by Donald Antrim, who we have read and enjoyed so much in the short story series. Antrim's memoir about his Faulknerian mother is one of those special reading experiences -- dazzling on the technical level while also managing to pack an emotional wallop.  It's a book that will remain with you long after you complete the final page.  




Of course, the series must include the formally unconventional. The third selection is "Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?," Roz Chast's graphic memoir about her elderly parents' slow decline and death.  As any inveterate reader of the New Yorker knows, Chast's cartoons, alone, are enough to warrant a subscription. Her unique gift for letting characters reveal themselves in just a few words is what makes this heartbreaking but also hilarious portrait of George and Elizabeth Chast, so unforgettable.     




The series will begin on August 3 and continue for 6 consecutive weeks, ending on September 7.  We will devote two weeks to each book.




Enrollment is limited!  If you plan to attend, please enroll below. Series:  $360.  Individual sessions:  $65.







DATES: 6 THURSDAY MORNINGS Aug 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Sept 7

WHERE: Pasadena Address Forwarded Upon Enrollment

TICKETS: Series $360  Individual session $65


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